What is it for?

The purpose of the implementation of automated control systems is energy saving, increasing the efficiency, productivity and resource of technological equipment, achieving the required accuracy of manufactured products, solving urgent problems of the head of organizing business processes in the company.

The main goal is achieved:

  • improvement of control accuracy – parameters of the technological process;
  • high efficiency of technological process control;
  • expansion of information and control functions of the system;
  • providing personnel with sufficient, reliable and timely information about the progress of the technological process and the state of equipment for operational management;
  • reducing the influence of the human factor;
  • saving energy consumption.

The system provides display of technological process parameters using a control panel with a built-in controller, processing of input and output signals by special modules, transmission of the received information to the upper level (if necessary).

The automated system is designed for a continuous technological process and performs the following functions:
collection, processing of analog and discrete signals;
regulation of process parameters: pressure in the air line;
automatic and remote control of executive mechanisms;
control of technological processes in real time;
testing and self-diagnostics of technical means;
protection against software destruction and unauthorized access to information;
formation of a warning signal when the permissible limits of the parameters of the electric drive or technological process are exceeded.