ASUTek LLC is a young progressive company founded in 2020 and provides services in the field of automated process control systems and production automation. The main area of work is the development and implementation of “turnkey” various projects for automated control systems for enterprises of all sizes. Despite the fact that the company is new, we have been operating in this area for 15 years and our employees have gained vast experience in the implementation of automation systems over the years.

Our company offers its customers industrial automation solutions (IAS):

  1. Development and implementation of automated control systems;
  2. Automation of technological processes;
  3. Design of automated process control systems (APCS), execution of technical documentation;
  4. Modernization of outdated technological equipment;
  5. Programming controllers and operator panels;
  6. Assembly of control cabinets and power low-voltage cabinets;
  7. Replacement of morally or physically obsolete controllers;
  8. Development of technical solutions and selection of APCS equipment;
  9. Development of visualization systems (SCADA systems);
  10. Maintenance of control systems based on PLC XINJI, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, Schneider Electric, OWEN

ASUTek carries out automation and safety of technological processes, ensures the implementation of a full range of works on the creation of automation systems: development of project documentation, supply of equipment and software, development of application software, installation and commissioning works, service work and maintenance.

Our company is a supplier of integrated solutions and equipment for a wide range of industrial automation tasks:

Process equipment control and emergency protection;
Gas pollution control automation;
Burner flame control; automation and emergency protection of combustion processes;
Measurement and accounting of raw materials and finished products in tanks;
Highly qualified specialists and close cooperation with leading manufacturers of industrial automation tools and systems allow us to achieve a high technical level and economic efficiency of solutions for each specific task.

Our specialists manufacture low-voltage complete devices both according to their own developed technical conditions and according to an individual order.

Among the equipment we manufacture for the automation of technological processes, we offer:

  • distribution and power cabinets
  • automatic cabinets and switchboards ATS
  • automation cabinets
  • control cabinets for pumps, valves, burners and ventilation units control posts
  • dispatch panels
  • switchboards
  • electricity metering boards CC and IDD
  • frequency control boards FCB


At the upper stage, our specialists offer a comprehensive automation system, including not only the control and regulation of the technical process, but also the control of this process with minimal involvement of operating personnel.
So, among the top-level automation, we do:

  • development of an automated control system for tank farms
  • creation of an automated control system for boiler houses, heating points, gas control equipment, air conditioning and ventilation, etc.
  • design of an automated control system for fuel-dispensing points and objects of reserve fuel facilities
  • development of an automation system for air conditioning and ventilation systems of your enterprise, etc.
  • programming logic controllers (PLC);
  • control of boilers, cascade control of boilers, protection and breakdowns of boilers, fancoils, supply and exhaust systems (central air conditioners), chiller cascades, pump protection of the input unit, heat exchanger control PID regulation, protection of boiler circuit pumps.
  • local lighting control systems
  • centralized lighting control systems
  • remote wireless control of a lighting installation, systems for smooth control of lighting power, precise maintenance of artificial lighting in a room at a given level, etc.
  • automation of any production lines for food and non-food purposes
  • visualization of technological processes


Many years of experience of employees in the field of industrial automation.
The most reliable and modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Highly qualified specialists.
Flexible pricing policy.
Warranty and post-warranty service.
Service support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Company’s mission

  • Improving the production of our customers in order to improve the quality of products and optimize costs.
  • Development of automated control systems, taking into account the requirements of the customer, operating and maintenance personnel.
  • Become a leader in the APCS market in Uzbekistan, thanks to the high quality of work.
  • Implement environmentally friendly and energy efficient manufacturing solutions.